Criteria for Receiving the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal pic
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

A resident of Virginia Beach, VA, Robert Anthony Nolan is an FAA-certified flight instructor and pilot with more than three decades of flying experience. A former member of the U.S. Navy, Robert Nolan earned several awards for his service, including the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was created by President Kennedy on December 4, 1961. The U.S. Armed Forces confers the medal on individuals who served on or after July 1, 1958, in a peacekeeping mission in which they faced foreign opposition or were at threat of hostile action by foreign opposition, as deemed by joint chiefs of staff.

Service members can earn the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service in three types of military operations: “U.S. military operations, U.S. military operations in direct support of the United Nations, and U.S. operations of assistance to friendly foreign nations.”

The medal itself features an eagle, which represents strength, and a loosely sheathed sword, which signifies readiness to serve.